Surface Dwellers Testo

Testo Surface Dwellers

[K-Rino talking]
Yeh mane, we been bamboozled man
Give y'all a history lesson man
History lesson

[K-Rino in the background]
Peep the signs - read between the lines
Peep the signs - read between the lines

[K-Rino talking]
Let me teach y'all somethin' man, feel this - listen...

[Verse 1]
Knowledge you find inside my mind is designed to kill fear
Did you know the bible was written in by William Shakespeare?
It was done in the King James version in his 46th year
The 46th psalm is coded from the top down to the rear
Wanted his name over his work to be seen and read clear
But at the time that was something King James wasn't tryna hear
Study the history of King James and you'll find out he was a queer
Might explain how Shakespeare didn't pay attention and listen clear
Go to the 46th psalm, what I'm saying is not fake
Start at the word God, count 46 words down - you will see shake
Then go to the bottom, you'll see the word refuge appear
Start right there, count 46 words up, you will see spear
Shakespeare - no coincidence, they don't teach this in classes
They tampered with the holy scriptures and then fed it to the masses
Confused by misenterpreted signs and allegories
Parables are painted out like fairy tales and wild stories
That brainwashed the world leaving theological masters
What was once the word of God is now a theatrical disaster
Words they gave us only serve to enslave us
Hurt us in murderous ways and got us out here hoping ghost worshipping save us
They don't want you black man, you think you know yourself don't you?
You got the last name, but that was the name of the slave-master that owned you
The same one that beat and hung you and put you through this anguish
We in America not knowing our real names or real language
Learn the location and description of Jesus if you've never seen him
If you don't know the lines it's impossible for you to read inbetween them
Now are we so gone that ain't no black pride and thats real sad
Eminem can diss black women and we don't even get mad... we surface dwellers

Peep the signs - read between the lines
Time out for surface dwellin' - time to elevate your mind - Uhh
Peep the signs - read between the lines
Time out for surface dwellin' - time to elevate your mind - Uhh

[Verse 2]
Lets cut to the chase and put the zodiac in it's place
Horroscopes and signs, pagan gods deceivin' a race
Now when you claim that you a Virgo (I'm a Virgo) are you sure that you are?
Do you worship the constellations or the one who created the star?
Take months of the year - September is the 9th month but I'm driven
To inform you that the root word 'Septo' means seven
So how did it get to be number 9? somehow it don't equate
How can October be the 10th month when 'Octo' means 8
Like an octopus or octogon - 8 legs and 8 sides
Artificial names invented through mythological lies
All named after so called pagan Gods in heaven
See 'Nova' means 9 but November's month number 11
To the unfathomable abyss of knowledge I delve
D-E-C 'Deca' means 10 yet December's month number 12
See before you try and test me I insist that you
Try to reasearch and see that your calendars been misconstrewed
See March was the 1st month, April used to be 2nd (listen)
May and June was 3 and 4 so now lets do some checkin' (listen)
See 2 months got removed - Quintilis and Sextilis
It's time to get this knowledge now before the effects kill us
Quint meaning 5, Sex meaning 6 - it don't stop either
They added July and August named after Julius and Augustus Caesar
Thats 5 and 6, September was 7, Octobers 8, November was 9 - now you see
it's all back in line
December's 10, January's 11th so go report this
February was the 12th and the last month plus the shortest - yeah
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