The More I Try Testo

Testo The More I Try

Yeah this for everybody who feel like every time they take a step forward
They get knocked two back, you know what I'm saying?
You ain't by yourself, it ain't no need to feel sorry for yourself
Just step your game up ya feel me?

My blessings in this world come from only three letters
I analyze life thru a blind man's eyes to see better
I'm thanking for hard times and every problem I gained
Cuz struggle is ordain and one of life's best lessons is pain
The decisions I made, I made 'em with no shame in my game
Took the bad with the good just like a man and never place blame
A mind stay twisted, can't even tell the crooked from straight
We give up on love but never seem to run out of hate
Seems like you gotta almost die before you learn how to live
One of the biggest things a man can do is learn to forgive
We didn't have much but grateful every night I pray
Knew we was poor, but we was happy, just to go out and play
And these fools thinking they understand the problems we have
Raised in the hood learning to mean mug before I can laugh
If it's about money and happiness I'm down to pursue it
And don't be talking about you feel me if you ain?t never been thru

[Chorus x2: Klondike Kat]
Life's so full of deception and lies
Look deeply and see the pain in my eyes
Why do I fall when I'm supposed to rise?
The more I try

[Klondike Kat]
I see this world is on its last leg like nobody cares
Can't even pray to god without snapping my prayers
How can I strive to show love when I'm surrounded by hate?
Why even bother choosing friends when they so shallow and fake
How come your main mission in life is to take me fast?
Because if they ain't after your broad then they after your cash
Busta be framing me but they apply for my wealth
Could it be that they see more in me then they see in they self?
I been rich been poor been both places before
Hit the pen now I know just what patience is for
Got me pacing the floor now my life is rough
And if I look back on past I could have avoided this stuff
How can you preach to me my baby need shoes
My baby is in schools
And I can find no positives playing by y'all rules
Klondike Kat done seen some dark days so I just can't front
Playing at this pace can get ya twenty-five to avoid six months
Klondike Kat


Born in an aggravated mood swallowed game like food
They say I'm ghetto but I take that as a compliment dude
It ain?t take long for the hood to put some hair on my balls
Never did dirt because I feared my mama more than them laws
Maybe we'll stop trying take from somebody and give mo
They got us out here thinking it ain't nothing to live for
You got your thing I got mine, when it rains it pours
I can't look down on you cuz my sin ain't no better than yours
And the friendship between two partners really ain?t strong
And we can?t tell each other bout ourselves when we in the wrong
Is you a G or a faker that will sellout your brothers
Do you do good because it's right or to be noticed by others
See I understand why people shoot slugs and do drugs
If you was in the conditions we was you'd do it too cuz
That why we dying over nonsense layed out like a pallet
If you gonna die or kill just make sure that the reason is valid
We know what pain is and what these devils tryna do
It?s hard to listen to your mama when she higher than you
Can't show no weakness in this world, even the females is hard
Out here putting their faith in mad like they ought to do god. Fo Sho

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