Father Of The Flame Testo

Testo Father Of The Flame

[Nun:] Father! Father! I'm so happy that you could come"
[Father:] "Why wouldn't I come? I told you I'd be here."
[Nun:] "I'm glad you made it on time."
[Father:] "Where is he? "
[Nun:] "He's this way. Follow me."
[Father:] "How long has he been in this state? "
[Nun:] "It's been about 3 days."
[Father:] "I'm gonna need everyone to leave this room. I will contact you when I am finished."

I'm the helter skelter
Bomb shelter melter
Atomic Alka-Seltzer
Top and bottom jaw welder
The secular thought exeter
A whips from my texts are so extra wretched
It stretches from you to the derelict standing next to you
They gathering to battle us
Ghastly unaware of the fabulous passages in my vast cavernous staminas
I'm not a catalyst of avarice
I send raps in the mail that are more hazardous than Anthrax packages
The rap arachnid
Who jiujitsu kicked the blue sky
Left a massive crack in it
I'm part [?]
User of sceptor wands
The genius spawn of uninterpretable lexicons
My anger hits high peaks that leave my eyes reddish
Explosive technician with a homicide fetish
Compose a symphony the first day life entered me
No doctor was needed
I performed a self delivery
My raps should be in a castle inhabited lavishly
With every manufactured character mapped in the tapestry
The sheet was seemingly blank
So the pitiful think It was literal
But I write words in invisible ink
How much pillaging can a page do?
Well, if it's mine
It'll encage you
And electrically taze you back to age 2
I salivate in [?] cauldron
That's so hot It's takes a century just to cool down to [?]
The ring
Ain't no burning me out
You'll never get a standing 8
You'll get a laying down eternity count
I see through blizzards clear
Everyone's in fear when the Wizard's here
They placed a sheet over me
But when they raised it I had disappeared
I deceptively envelop you
My depth is too heated for you to swallow
Like a newborn sipping Thera Flu
I got several methods to stretch you in my weapon pool
So move!
Unless you got an extra neck to lose
K is never in a glamour mood
I'm a tyrannical fool
Who cannibalizes cannibals on channel 2
The I'll mannered Bruce Banner dude
Who built a mechanical war craft
Without even reading the manual
I'm sarcastic and cynical
I got blinded amnesia
But I still didn't forget to not remember you
My parables are unbearable
I stammer you
Then shoot a verbal arrow through
Let it slice and make a pair of you
Storms come after the thunder starts
One spark will become a spark
I never left my feet and get a somersault
I'll throw a spear through the clear blue
And pierce you
Until you scream so loud
Venus people will hear you
Once a year I appear new
Got a mystical vehicle
That let's me see a thousand miles back in the rearview
I operate under several names
Mic murders
I can half [?]
I stomp and trample brains into gravel grains
Imitators become so enthralled
But once my vocals go in y'all
Caked up on your colon walls
I'm so skillfully gifted
That I spit [?] verses on 7 beats
And every one of them were different
The next move I made was colder 7 flows on 6 beats
One each and had nothing left over
I'm here but I appear in disguise
I take inferior guys and make their eyes dematerialize
I did a historical check exploring my [?]
Discovered I went to war with men before my conception
I be exploring facts
And recording tracks
That go deeper than swords in backs
And whacks from Lizzy Borden's ax
Experimenting [?] effect raps
You walk away today
But months later your neck snaps
We are not on an even accord
6 months old
I was receiving a life-time achievement award
Lyrically I am the omi
It's not beyond me
To gain energy from swallowing Red Bull tsunami's
I'm never in a cautious state
I go fishing for prehistoric prey in morbid dark waters
And use sharks for bait
Your epidermis will rot
During a skirmish
I learned to tie his neck into a tourniquet knot
Man, I promised you don't know the half
Every picture of my family from the last hundred years
I was in the photograph
I enjoyed all the trauma that my rap employed
I'm paranoid from the delusions of circular trapezoids
I bomb your vehicle
Your windshield wipers were a sight to see
Trying [?]
The sci-fi movie enthusiast
The student of unruliness
Broke loose from Mount Vesuvius' nucleus
Antibiotic lyricist
Any mental impurities
I'm curing Illustrator of thought
The cloud muralist
My pen is like a quick clean scalpel
I [?] to dream clap you
Rap example of Sistine Chapel
I'm schizophrenic
Leprochan crazy
I make [?] robot ladies and create deceptacon babies
My narratives leaves average men babbling
For faster land traveling
I'll grow some back legs and start galloping
I'll [?] abracadabra men
And wrote a whole a whole album in 5 minutes
With my miraculous magic pen
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