Who Is This Testo

Testo Who Is This

[K-Rino Yawning]
[Phone rings]
Man who is this calling me?
Aw man!

Hello? (Is this K?) Yeah who is this?
(We ain't never meet before playboy my name is Chris
I don't know what's going on but I figured I'd take the risk
I got your number from Sinthia's phone contact list)
Homeboy is you serious? Why you calling me then?
This sounds like a conversation you and her need to be in
See insecure dudes like you let women drive for
(If I find out where you at I promise this goin be a problem)
Oh man, is this the part where I'm supposed to panic?
You talking to a grown man, boy skip the samantics
(What?) Never mind let's talk and get it clear
(Ain't nothing to talk about we been engaged for a year)
Well if that's the case I suggest that y'all should get therapy
Secondly lower your voice cause all that loudness ain't scaring me
And alothugh you wasn't aware of me
If my name and number's in her phone appearintly it would stay there violenterorly

Get it out your system

(I kinda see your point but man you don't know what I go through
Why you pushing up on my girl?) Dude, I don't even know you
But like a fool I'm sitting on this phone doing an interview
So I'm a take it striaght since I known her she never mentioned you
(You lying) So tell me who got it twisted
Before this phone call I never knew that you existed
I know your heart's broke but checking me was too raw
Don't charge me up about I'm just as suprised as you are
And man I ain't comfertable with this conversation
Because I know what it's coming to with circonfermation
We all been in love so I feel your passion bruh
But see you asking me questions you should be asking her
She your woman not mine, that's if you choose to go back
(How many times did y'all?) Bruh, you don't wanna know that
I'm try'na be diplomatic and scare ya from the torture kid
Because it's evident that you even know her like ya thought you did
(I gave her everything, promised I would carry her)
Well all I guess that I can say to ya is don't bury her
Or maybe you should look at yourself instead of flip out
And figure out what you did wrong to make her dip out

Get it out your system

You need to man up and try to get over this (I'm trying)
See once you... hold up, timeout, are you crying?
Is it that foreal? (I'll do anything to get her back)
Wow, but it's two forty-three in the morning where is she at now?
(I figured she was staying with you)
Naw she ain't over here (how do I know what'chu saying is true?)
Well number one you should of played it by that old school rule
Always check the woman fool never check the dude
What'cha doing now is dangerous, it's a shame that I'm explaining this
I can't beleive I'm even entertaining this
Your action proves who's the man?
Will she make it home squared off with her let her know but just don't use your hands
In life you gotta understand things (What?)
One's man woman is another man's fling
And in closing, I hope that you handle this like a grown up
Cause I got better things to do so I'm a hang the phone up

Get it out your system
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