The Phantom's Anthem Testo

Testo The Phantom's Anthem

I drive alone so wild
That it's hard to ride sober
When I want to switch lanes
I make the road slide over
My style's are placed on a private base
With each one of the phrases
I create need a thousand acres of closet space
To face K-Rino is hard luck
I spit the [?]
Connected to a Doge truck
Letting my body charge up
You can't avoid the true test
I don't use earthly ammunition
You'll need a asteroid proof vest
I speak the language of the insects
My hands are twenty screen cineplex
With a live volcano's heat index
Me not the best!
You shouldn't have said such
Surgical like hand cuts are the results of sling blade air ducts
For no reason my cerebrum improves with the seasons
Upon release my thoughts produce ectoplasmic excretions
My antidotes [?] standing O's
And blow gashes the size of cantaloupes
You'll need a car cover to bandage those
The more I study
My advantage grows
A true alien and it shows
Dove from a cliff and landed in a [?] pose
My monograms have been known
Pretend clones I send home
And uppercut your chin bone until it's ingrown
I'll peel until your skin's gone
On the field, I'll let you score
Because I planted land mines inside the end zone
You suffer plagues and afflictions
I'm the clairvoyant who predicted
Nostradamus wouldn't make his predictions
I stood over the monuments
A dawn with celestial bodies that hung from my arms like tree ornaments
This is the vengeance for decadence
The restitution
The recompense with infinite spread measurements
The scholastic rap chaplain
I clap until the whole world notices the presence of your absence
The egg inside a vultures nest is where I go for rest
My flows ingest amalgamate with molded flesh in coalesce
I rocket through the cosmics with aeronautics
You are product of [?] and a builder of anthropomorphic objects
I got a mind that far dated Einstein
Reincarnated 9 times
With raw jaded lines cause I'm...
The electric wire light proprietor of the fire core
Kaleidoscopic hybrid with the jaw of a dinosaur
Vice gripper wind pipe with a right claw
When I fight in war
Got the power to switch to [?] with the night before
I'm the combined Rodimus and Optimus Prime
I was designed to carry eight mics at a time and drop an octopus rhyme
One day, I'll end my recitals and pass down the title
But for actions of my disciples
I won't be held libel
No man can put an end to this ministry
Aided by chemistry in the seven centers of spiritual energy
The pseudo intellect speaks cynically
Till they see me visually
Paint word portraits with asymmetrical symmetry
With some insist to be contradictory
But I'm beyond what's done traditionally
What's hard for some is done by me simplistically
But as I say
On this beat
You'll hear no from K
So, now I lay in deep silence and listen to this organ play
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