One On One Testo

Testo One On One

Look around you boy
All your homies are gone
Yeah they was standing right there but they gone
I don't know what happen to em
Ha, ha, one minute they was standing there the next minute they were gone
There was about two hundred of em
So now it's just me and you
One on one

Let's have a one on one contest in front of the masses
To see who can snatch whose spirit from the body the fastest
Rhymes miraculously put off unbelievable stunts
Like a bullet that hits eleven parts in your body at once
I give you hell with unmatchable skills that I pervell with
Infect ya brain cells with an idiopathic element
Words orbit the earth causing our position to forfeit
Rappers commit suicide for my conscience by jumping off it
Appalled by these frauds who be breaking through the cored
Mighty weapons I show to y'all aim and unloaded em all
Y'all not hearing me con-clearly be the theory of conspiracy
You like a transvestite, you ain't what'chu appear to be
Lyrically athletic, I jump with a beat's put
A millipede with human legs to the Jordan on each foot
Less spark come in my mind, you won't make it too far
You get lost like anorexic titties and a double D bra

I can release ten-thousand folks for every line spoke
With a slammer that blaze horizontally large in my throat
In a savage bout you drop when we lyrically jab it out
The backwards magician who pulls a head out of a rabbit's mouth
I stay in motion when I pause, stop perfection in my laws
I bit down hard, and lock the hemisphere inside my jaws
My dilating bars are impossible to copy
One verbal drop of me can over fertilize the whole hobby
Ya skill was money mine would be the same as Bill Gate's
Yours would be equalled to the wages of a waitress
The true condition only the doctor and nurse knows
Ya greatest work would make the bottom of the list of my worse flows
I'd greased you with a speech till I leave my brand on
And defeat you like I cut off them thangs you stand on
So your fifty-thousand miles in the air one hand strong
Snatch the earth from under you, so it's nothing to land on

You might as well oblige, by the time you apologize
My guys be on your insides already full canonized
I considered it a crime to try to confront in mind
I got more killer lines than a jail cafeteria at lunch time
Hope that rhyme you set against me wasn't supposed to offend
Your career is like the letter M real close to the N (yeah)
You approach me just stop bragging broaching and win
Until I spit a tighter way to write off most of your kin
I find pages ripped out of my folder for cover to cover (what's up)
My old rhymes and my new rhymes keep battling each other
I put the planet on pause when I wanna conserve energy
Cosmic enteritis listening to me or bending me inventively
Won't wait to kill ya offspring after you breathe
I'll cut to the chase and abort your ability to conceive
Me being less than the greatest you don't truthfully believe
Sentence you to never breathe and no reprieve will be received
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