Paper Hound Testo

Testo Paper Hound

[Verse 1:]
Man I'm tired of gold diggers so I'll speak on the topic
Judging dudes on what car they drive or what's in they pocket
If you walk up to a female and just tell her hello
They turn they nose and frown up at you like you called them a ho
They look at you like you strange and start playing little games
But if I roll up in a Benz, they whole attitude will changed
They don't want a man they rather have a trick instead
Can't approach unless I got some money glued to my head
I see em at the club; I see em at the mall nine scenes
Like they everywhere man I even see em in my dreams
I'm a call it out on sight until I bring it to life
("Playa you mad because she ain't give you enough") you damn right
But on the real it's the truth cause your survival solution
Ain't nothing but a form of low budget bootleg prostitution
The same baller with the car, the same baller with the cash
Are we the same dude that stump in the mud hole up in yo ass

You a paper hound
Feening for ends
Masturbating off a hundreds, fifty's, twenty's and tens
Chasing money, fame, jewels, shopping sprees, and food
But when it comes to tricking baby I just ain't that dude
You a paper hound
You way outta line
Even when you got'cha own you still try'na get mine
Chasing money, fame, jewels, shopping sprees, and food
But when it comes to tricking baby I just ain't that dude

[Verse 2:]
You walk around like you a virgin, I know what'chu about
So much other dirt in your closet the skeletons moved out
See I know she pack a shovel I ain't tryna to save her
I know she broaching, hell I felt like I was doing her a favour
See I don't mind being a gentleman, and leaning the shoulder
But where I draw the line is when you try'na be to get over
Why go to Papados and spend fifty on all that bull?
We can drop ten at Timmy Chan and both get full
See I was at the Shoppano's buying some chips and a coke
Saw a nice looking female I approached her and spoke
She looked at me like I'm crazy, didn't even reply
I walked away and went and got what I was in there to buy
When it was time to pay for my stuff I pull out a stack
When she saw that she immediately hopped up my sack
Gave me her number told me that she wanted to show me her skills
But what she didn't know that cash was for my rent and my bill


[Verse 3:]
You got the kindness thang for everythang up under the sun
Others feel like if you take em out to dinner they won
Me and K-O we was rolling you ain't think we saw you face
I'm hopping off the bus and walk inside the Welfare place
The only money making scheme of ya own is ya practice
Is when you let somebody else carry ya kids on your taxes
I will sweat you, I'll bet you'll take me straight out if I let you
Pay your bills, take you shopping, slow down damn I just met you!
On the cutting, dissing my car, I can't understand it
As if you use to riding around town with Bentley's and Fathoms
Looking for the truth to handle money like you was the bomb
My daddy grew up with'cha mommy now see where you get it from?
I was mobbing with my potna's, and you tried to be one of us
Girl you need to take yo ass to gold-diggers anonymous
Cause it's spreading like a virus, in and out of the hood
They digging sliver teem aluminum brick cop and wood

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