We Ain't Forgot Testo

Testo We Ain't Forgot

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I know how you feel man you feel like you by yourself in the world
All the struggle you been through
And what I notice, you ain't alone, check it out

[Verse 1:]
The one's that's in the county, the one's that's in the pen
The one's who passed away who we won't ever see again
Women and men who sleep beneath the underpass through all seasons
The innocent victims of the streets who died for no reason
The newborns who in the middle of the night just stopped breathing
The child whose father gave him no warning before leaving
The momma whose child was killed years later still grieving
Who had faith but circumstances made her stop believing
You got molested when you was young they raped you and they hit you
You never told nobody you grown now and that pain is still with you
The sister who was struggling with daily financial issues
As long as we got breath in our lungs we can't forget you

[Chorus: x2]
Don't think that we forgot about you
We pray for you every night hoping God'll pull you through
And even if in this life you don't win
No one understands that we'll be the winners in the end

[Verse 2:]
We still remember your names and your faces
Blacks killed over daily basics murdered by White racists
Who caught unjust cases with mase with tribulation
We appreciates the sacrifices made for liberation
The Freedom Fighters who fought when the devil tried to condition us
The indigenous ascentors sandered politicial prisoners
The ones who took they only life when nobody would listen
The girl who got kidnapped eight months ago and still missing
The one who got shot by the cops with no consequence
Who the news mentioned one time you ain't heard about it since
The man who got railroaded thinking justice would pervail
The young homie who got beat in jail and died inside his cell
The good women who can't find a man even though she need one
Who helped everyone but when she asked for help received none
Who gave all they had till it was nothing left to give
The aborted baby who never even got a chance to live

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
The unknown brothers and sisters who were burn to ashes
The million of slaves who died in the middle passage
The young soldier who unjustly lost his life
The family who went to sleep without a meal last night
The young dude who finished [?] because he dropped out of school
The sister who getting beat on every night by a fool
The worker who grinded hard but seem to never get props
Every brother who shared blood from the hands of devil cops
The ones that started real but at the time they just dropped off
The Black sell-outs on the listed gets they heads chopped off
Every set up on the Black man, every government hit
Every person who in time for the crimes they didn't commit
All figured of racial profiling who had the laws do em
Every crooked prodocation who got a slug coming to em
All these slick corrupt devils and the money that they stole
And George Bush for every lie that his dirty ass told! (Yeah)


Check it out
I wanna send much love and respect to the homie A.C. Chill
Big Moe, DJ Screw, Big Mello, and all the G's
Male and female
We love y'all we ain't forgot
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