Why Ya Wanna Hate? Testo

Testo Why Ya Wanna Hate?

[Verse One]
I don't brag about cars and I don't brag about clothes
I don't call women tramps, sluts, bitches or hoes
I don't sell out, kiss ass, or ball like a kid
But I bet the radio would bump my shit if I did
You see, I'm standing deep up in your face today
The realest lyricist droppin attomic verses 'till you waste away
Suckaz are tame when I spit the game
Aggravated narrarator, metamorphisize into a human flame
Battles intense, ??never straddle the fence??
The radio hating me cuz I chose knowledge over nonsense
It's K-Rino in case you don't recognize the tone
I terrorize your zone, while my foe dies alone
I do this well, while y'all scared to fell
Puttin a 100 different fools on your shit to try and make it sell
Killaz I'm draftin, cuttin snitches in half when
Agitated I'm smashin, do it sound like I'm laughin?
At random, droppin miscellaneous destruction
Causin opponents to suffer spontaneous combustion
Fraud rapper found dead, bucked by the song capper
His tombstone read "he fucked with the wrong rapper"

[Chorus x2]
So why you wanna hate me?
When you know I'm gonna wreck these fools
straight up out the gate (why you wanna) Why you wanna hate me?
When you know that I'm gonna do them boys 20 times straight

[Verse Two]
This magazine hold they 50 best rappers ever, but brother
That list don't mean shit if I aint on that motherfucker
Not conceded, I'm straight up convinced, that I can rip
My brain empty in verses like killers empty in clips
When he slips, he plummets, 90 feet down to the whole
Blacker than triple darkness, drama, a hundred fold
Shockin electric currents invadin the haters chest
Mad lyrical bullets penetratin the haters vest
Virtually impossible, to analyze the level
Some of these fools actions be equivelent to the devil
I'm rippin, clickin that's it, he rippin bustin in your shit
The wacker these rappers rap the more love that they git
I come straight out my folder, with my old school speech
50 rhymes for ten punks, I've cracked 'em five times each
Close your eyes and make a wish, open 'em up when you through
But if I'm standin in your face that mean the shit aint come true
So tell me

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Three]
Can I make this situation better, before it get tight?
Can I do this motherfucker, without takin his life?
Can I get my self in line, can I just have a sign?
Can I go 24 hours without thinkin bout dyin?
Should I go and bust this faker, for the lies that he told?
Should I act like I aint trippin, then just let it unfold?
Should I check 'em if he bumpin, when I know he fraud?
Can I try and please the people without turnin on God?
See I just need my five grand so I can turn it into ten
Once I get that ten grand, then I'm gonna flip it again
If I ever touch that million, they gonna think that I'm through
But them haters gonna be stressin once I turn it into two
I said them haters gonna be stressin once I turn it into two
Them haters gonna be stressin once I turn it into two
Them haters gonna be stressin once I turn it into two

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