Assault At First Light Testo

Testo Assault At First Light

Win this war for me.

Save your affectionate smile for the knife stuck in your head
Cold-blooded cancer punch-lines give you that quick death you hoped for ten years ago
we should have let you die one month ago
tie your hair back
I wanna kiss you before I kill you
it's only warfare, don't get technical
every time you tongue licks through my torso
every time you taste my blood it makes me wanna know you better
it makes me wanna kill you like the Heathers
We should be back to back, but then it's difficult to stab you in the back
we should be back to back, but then it's difficult to slash through the throat
exile the child's soul and she'll kill you at the alter
exile the child to the thirteenth tower
exile the child's soul and she won't find it in her heart to hate you
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