Last Of The Anti-fascist Warriors Testo

Testo Last Of The Anti-fascist Warriors

Sonic Boom!
You'll suck the birth of me and my translucent enemies
I'd lose my legs for you, I'd raise my fist for you
Ten times the might of fashion, kiss my lips for that chain reaction
it's a chain reaction, it's a medication
and I want to live forever
shake your thorax to the footsteps
they'd love to taste the free air,
they'd love to dream of blackmail
they'd love to bathe you in your former glory
next stop: faith in the fact that you'll have the answer to everything
faster, faster, won't you make it faster one more time?
to breathe your breath in time, your breath is out of time
make it faster
now shake your hips with culture
now point your fingers to the sky
living in your kisses, living like a fascist lover
save your ritual tragedy
it's time to celebrate our new noble complacent so lucid serenity
take it from here and I'll save our eyes with your forked tongue

living like a fascist lover
Sonic boom!
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