Diesel Truckers Theme Testo

Testo Diesel Truckers Theme

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Kool Keith]
Yo.. Kool.. Keith..
And Kutmusta - the funky redneck - Kurt
Platinum rich! Rollin, rollin..
All.. systems go!

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
Diesel truckers, truckers, truckers (you are the best!)
Diesel truckers, truckers, truckers (you are the best!)
Diesel truckers, truckers, truckers (you are the best!)
Diesel truckers, truckers, truckers (you are the best!)

[Kool Keith]
Diesel format, check the road, hit from city to city
The gritty, the committee
The master with trailers overloaded
Santa Fe out to New York City
The gear changer, downhill vocal rearranger
Heavy angles make your woman earrings dangle
Truck drivin expert
With the Coogi, sometimes I sport the Kangol
Fallin watermelons, produce
Supermarkets need it by tomorrow
Diesel truckers, we carry mangos
With map facin angles
Curves to go by, under the passes don't lie
From the Golden Gate Bridge to the George Washington Bridge
Packed houses in London, my vocals ignite the Brixton fridge
Museums worship me like pyramids
Words connect and play together like little kids
Beginners who just started, clones in zones and fugitives
who try to express theyself
Abstract outerwear, bouquets and sports coats
Enemies, my focus is past wigs with mad tricks
All bets are massive bids
Optimus, we pushin rigs, overhauls
Bringin 9,000 pounds of weight, around to malls
While y'all move cotton balls, before 16's was made
I broke the laws, of sharks who bit like Jaws
Evens or odds, it's still mine
The machinery can never be paused
On tour, skate on comp like Guy LeFlour
Many call me the great Boston Bruin, Bobby Orr
I'm Bobby Raw, the crowd cheer, y'all watch Bobby score
Texture for perfection for selection
The manifesto, you heard the best though
Gassin up with diesel, you take the Edsel

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