Mama Testo

Testo Mama

What kind of world would this be
without you in my life,
Don't know what i would do
if you didn't teach me wrong from right,
I just wanna let you know that you're
in my prayers every night,
and i really love you,
i love,
i just wanna thank you,
i wanna thank you mama

[Verse 1:]
Thank you mama for the months you carried me,
i heard you was all alone it wasn't easy,
and the last thing you needed was a mouth to feed,
but you heard from God, He said that we were meant to be,
See i can't really picture my life without you,
it's like a bird without wings,
a sky without blue and that's the truth,
picture me a kid with no clue
lost in the rain Mama yeah that's me with no you,
See i'll tell it to the world,
ain't no shame in the game,
Ma you're sweeter than licorice ain't nobody the same,
See i love you ma,
more than toy trains and helicopters,
more than candy even everlasting Gobstoppers,
See your like numero uno
and we're like wrestlers yeah the dynamic duo,
and you know that i love you so
and no matter what i'm never letting go,
Ma i thank you


[Verse 2:]
When they brought me to your room i know who,
7 pounds 10 ounces little fat and cute,
that's where our lives began you and me to the end,
this is how the story went wanna hear it,
here it goes,
at the age 1 my life began,
at the age 2 who knew,
at the age of 3 my brother would be taken from me,
but you handled it well,
smart and witty and always jiggy,
see you understand me,
always comfort me and even when i'm lonely you're there for me,
i don't care what they say deep love always,
thank you precious woman my mama,
my mama thank you


This is for the mama's that are always there for us,
even when we act up,
you still care for us,
still cherish us,
still hold us in your arms,
still tell us you love us,
still shelter us from harm,
we thank God for you and the things that you do,
Yeah this song is for you,
see i know sometimes that we really don't show it,
so i'm taking this time,
cuz i've gotta let you know it,
yeah we thank you
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