Love Is Loud Testo

Testo Love Is Loud

People walking on the city streets
Birds are singing all Your melodies
I can see You, in the simple things
You are everywhere
There are children laughing
Like they were meant to do
Lovers dancing, underneath the moon
So much beauty, You are everywhere

I can see Your face, I can see Your hands
I can see Your finger prints, You’re everywhere I am
I can hear Your voice, what a beautiful sound
Oh, Your love, Your love, Your love, Your love is loud

My father met You when he was nineteen
My mother saw You, the day You set her free
I was raised up in a family where You were everywhere

And every single day we are walking proof
That every living thing is an echo of You
You were everywhere, You are everywhere

Your love is rolling thunder bringing in a summer rain
Shattering silence, I’m awake
Yeah, my heart is racing to the sound
Oh, I can hear you now
Your love is loud
Your love is loud
You’re everywhere
You’re everywhere
You’re everywhere
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