Welcome To Daylight Testo

Testo Welcome To Daylight

Welcome to daylight
Open your eyes for the very first time
Look in the mirror
See yourself through Heavens eyes

Look beyond the old you
Everything you held to
Oh, you don’t need it anymore
Welcome to daylight
Open your eyes

When the light breaks out like a midnight sun
Blazing right in front of you
Life is here and now and it’s just begun
Your destiny is breaking through
Welcome to daylight
Welcome to daylight

There’s no looking back now
Oh, we’re moving full speed ahead
We’re leaving the past now, yeah
For the life we’re meant to live

Finally embracing
The love that we’ve been chasing
Oh, this is everything and more
Welcome to daylight
Open your eyes

Yeah, life begins when you leave it all behind
The darkness ends when you open up your eyes
Welcome to daylight
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