This Ends Tonight Testo

Testo This Ends Tonight

You are the liar
You’re nothing but a thief
You said you were my friend
You’re just an enemy
You tried to break me, tried to take me out

I’m not gonna run and hide
This ends tonight
I’m not gonna throw my life away

Pardon me, but I think that you’re mistaken
I’ll never run away the fight is here and now
I can see that you’re simply masquerading
There’s no way you’re ever gonna take me out

You try to trick me
Then kick me when I fall
You say you own the world
And I could have it all
You try to break me
You’ll never take me down

And there is no way I’ll ever listen to a single word you say
‘Cause I believe that love has come to take my shame
Oh, I’m not afraid, love is the only way

It all starts tonight, no more compromise
Ignore all the lies, I’m gonna win this fight
It all starts tonight, no more compromise
I’m gonna win this fight
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