Marifasa Lupina Testo

Testo Marifasa Lupina

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Get back, im wiggin out my stem cells
and im way too fat for an umbiblical belt
i got blood in my feces, i thought i found jesus
it turned out to be a fetus that was ripe with diseases
i didnt want to see it go to waste
it was all smothered in butter and i wanted a taste
when life throws eggs i like to make an embryonic omlette
with extra cheese i think im gonna vomit
dop a bassline between malarky and mumbo jumbo
yo dan the man, pluck the tusks outta dumbo

copulate with Lois Lane in the daily planet broom closet
misconduct said my bosses
now i rock the couch like a vegetable
damn doc huxtable is on vacation in mexico
i need my ointment and check-up with a stethoscope
spinal chord sliced by a silvery slug
and im all tweaked out on canadian drugs
doomsday comin through with the remedy
ILL music heels ask MC KINNEY

if you dont watch out life'll kill ya
these desolate feelings are all too familiar
a little old lady got mutilated late last night
i got the scoop from Lou on WJM news
i cant eat sugar or i lose my cool
go back to the future in tha teen wolf wool
at high noon time when the shadows stand still
i chew the food line with the fangs in my grill
expensive vitamins and wheat-germ on my window sill
how many morons will it take to sign a bill
or flush it down the hopper
yo Dan the Man kill tha keys like a fool moon monster
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