Troubles In The Sewer Testo

Testo Troubles In The Sewer

*Mechanical claw, rips all the clocks off tha wall
Mechanical claw, mechanical claw
rips all the clocks off tha wall
mechanical claw, mechanical claw

Dumb quantities of skill for a bombshell
I do my laundry at my moms house
here me now
I am no nitwit prone to folly
i'll kickflip over anything you ollie
I never lose grip like an octopus
Even when im runnin' from the constable
Getting scoped out with binoculars
They wanna see me in the tar like a dinosaur
Im sittin' in a chair
I think i'm goin loco
I cant feel my fingers
and I cant feel my toes, yo!
The lord of the flies
Im eatin a Danish
don't stress youself out, son
The world is painless


hey, yo im T (T) J (J) motherfuckin' BACKWORDS
im backwords, fuckin' with yer brain (yes)
rappin' MCs make me think yer fuckin' brainless
and it's the strangest thing you've ever seen
but it's not what you have seen, i'ts what you've been in your dreams
I was a young buck skatin' solo
151 rum make me brain go loco
oh no, I can't see i'm spinnin'
bottle after bottle keep my monkey tone grinning
so back it up before I smash it up (SMASH IT UP)
lay low, before I flip the flow (flip the flow)
crack yer style cause mine's the shit (it's the shit)
rudeboy dance arsonists
OH NO! Troubles in the sewer
GO HOME! We got the newer manure

Not enough space for the clocks down here
Open up your face and remove the gear
Stuck In a spiral
crushing sundials
Unborn to dead
is how we spin the vinyl
Where from come thy drum?
Who keep thy beat?
You aren't a sergeant, but a minor league diner sweep
Sinning and grinning from the sewer to the altar
We're just a bunch of apes on a big ball of water
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