Nairobi Testo

Testo Nairobi

When I come through
everything floats
Sell your bike
and get yourself a boat
I aint no clown
and I won't pass
Youll surely drown
if you have no raft
You're like doonesbury
you make me laugh
Thinkin' you can escape my watery wrath
Head for the hills
i'm a badass hurricane
Topplin' towns
huntin out MCs for gobblin' down
I show no mercy
I ate and regurgitated new jersey
Headed out west
crushed California
Too bad your governator didn't warn ya
I tumbled N.O.LA
then I felt regret
Cause they had the best gumbo that I tasted yet
Flooded Mississippi
you know that you can't dis me
You're in a soggy state like my rice crispies
Engulf your islands of staten and long
Now a jet-ski is the best way to a met's game
Yeah, ill even douche penn's woods
With my breakbeat downpour
And microphone floods

No machines, forget about chemicals
Enter the ring, earth vs. animals
Mind over matter in a heavy weight class
Our elemental make-up is identically matched
But we hate each other
It seems no solution
She gives us a quake
we give her pollution
She retaliates with a tidal wave
Her face'll get paved
Don't mess with us homegirl
We're wicked in the domebone
Getting sick on your surface
Cuttin' holes in your o-zone
Don't get me wrong I am no radical hippy
Life is war and you cannot avoid it
We'll rock your world like mc Kinney
Down to the core
Then we will destroy it
Ah, we shouldve kept cool like a porpoise
Here comes the plague better plug up every orifice

I got these pains in my head
I think these humans and these dogs interbred
they bury bones while I'm sleeping
10,000 naked skeletons, dancing on my ceiling
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