Young Marks Testo

Testo Young Marks

I was born
to potential and limitless grace
with the flashing of light
it was gone when the smoke cleared
cast in ash and powder

I was raised to obey and respect but
at the edge of the lake
was dead and disruption
when the water splashed across my back

it burned
for the dead there's no comfort in fate
and the lie is faintly declined???
and the purpose of living is life

I wasn't chosen
I didn't choose the path
my heart's not built to hold his love

I was schooled
in a place of tradition
but something was missing
in faces of classmates
eyes declared too blue, too deep

in the church will lead us to worship
fighting to pull it apart
with my nails
as they chewed solid unpaid misery???

from the bloods took the truth from the lies
and the lie they took greatly to god
when the lies after death is a prize

I wanna reach out
I wanna shake your hand
your war is noble and divine

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