Black Tar Sin Testo

Testo Black Tar Sin

Take this pain I'm insane
Give all I can to melt away
The words you said split my spine
My mind is raging all the time
One lust burning in the night
Your flesh for me delight
From this day you'll melt away
Did all you could but you'll still pay
I can feel is rising up in me
To take you and do with you what I please
I never lose, always have my way
I will win with you as my prey

Meat from the bone rip your back out
Blade so free sodden in heat
Face drenched death whips, death all around
The feeble mind suffers a meltdown

The mouth spews shards of glass
Blades trace lines from your face to your ass
Drenched in lies left to breathe your ash
Sanctified thoughts destroyed like trash
Exhume all the hate that I forgave
Throw you into an early grave
My actions suck the heart from me
Your melted face my sanctity
I can see it underneath my skin
Through my pores leaks black tar sin
I never lose I always have my way
I will win with you as my prey

Mordant heat - Bodies diminish away
Vicious skin - Black display of the end as time falls away
Mordant heat - Put your fucking face to the ground
Vicious skin - Disembowelment spread the guts all around

Death flows through your every vein
Vices chain you to the pain
Nerves scream electric overload
Break down cells set to explode
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