Murdered To Death Testo

Testo Murdered To Death

Dodging all the bullets that are flying past your head
Running for your life as they pump you full of lead
Ammunition meets the marrow falling to the ground
Just another casualty round after round

It doesn't really matter why I do these things I do
I need no rational for the things I chooses to do
Just some consolation for the shit you have to see
Ammunition costs but the murder is always free

I don't turn my back
Wait for my attack

You're better off running through a Nazi mine field
Than the chances of you living with your ego as a shield
Shattering the memories that held you to the past
Slaughtering the cherished ones while I just stand and laugh

You could die by nature you could die on your own
But I think it's better if you don't die alone
Your death should be shared with nobody but me
I will end your life when your limbs cease to be

Feel the blackness of my breath
Murdered to death
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