Star Of The Sea Testo

Testo Star Of The Sea

Of on that is so fair and bright,
Velud maris stella,
Brighter than the dayes light,
Parens et puella:
Ic crye to thee - thou se to me-
Levedy, preye thy sone for me,
Tam pia,
That ic mote come to thee,
Levedy, flowr of alle thing,
Rosa sine spina,
Thu bere Jesu, Hevene King,
Gratia divina.
Of alle thu berst the pris,
Levedy, Quene of Paradis
Maide milde, moder es
All this world was forlore
Eva peccatrice,
Till our Lord was ibore
De te genitrice.
With 'Ave' it went away,
Thuster night, and cometh the day
The welle springeth ut of thee
Of care, conseil though ert best,
Felix fecundata;
Of alle wery thou ert rest.
Mater honorata.
Besek him with milde mod,
That for ous alle sad his blod
In cruce,
That we moten comen till him
In luce


Fairest and brightest of them all
Even the star of the sea
Brighter even than daylight
Mother and daughter both
I call to you - to smile upon me
Mistress, implore of your son for me
In humble penitence
That I might come to you
Lady, flower of creation
Rose without thorns
You carried Jesus, King of Heaven
Through your divine grace
Above all others you win the prize
Lady, Queen of Paradise
The chosen one
Gentle virgin and mother
So fruitful
The whole world was lost
On account of Eve's folly
Until our Lord was born
Through your bounty
With a final farewell departing
Darkest night gave way to day
With a greeting
All that is well springs from you
In your virtue
In sorrow you are the best advisor
Good fortune in abundance
All who are weary find rest in you
Honoured mother on high
So kindly please entreat him
He who shed his blood for us all
On the cross
To let us come by him
Into the light
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