Fly Now Testo

Testo Fly Now

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
It's still kinda early to watch the sun go rising anyway
Even if it rises this time everyday
It's still kinda early to watch the engine spit and cough
And heaven knows this plane might not even take off
I would have written sooner, my pen is on the paper
But I just couldn't decide how to end it
So I think I'll do it later
I know I might have hurt you
But I know that you're still young
And I hope that you'll forgive me
Even if you have to tug the air into your lungs hard

So I talk to myself like every normal man
In the state of confusion
Feel the wrath of my own reprimands
And I cry to myself like every normal baby
It helps me get to sleep and get a “yes” or “no” from “maybe”

So I say fly now or climb down or ride on or go on home

I took my favorite cds and everything that's golden
In other words 14 dollars and that apple I had stolen
I really had no idea this tomorrow happened a full year ago
Time flies like an arrow but sometimes arrows fly so slowly
You know that I'm no angel
But a perfect fool when it gets down
And too bad I can't get paid for that
'Cause I'd be a millionaire by now
I rack my brain out endlessly not heeding the decoys
But still every now and then I still have to flip a coin

So I lie to myself like every normal woman
When I'm feeling insecure
When I feel like nothing's going on
And I laugh at myself like every normal child
When I'm scared to the core or if I feel kinda wild

So I say fly now or climb down or ride on or go on home
Bye now or hey now or you now or no one

So I smile to myself like every normal human
When I think I've decided
That nothing can be ruined

So I say fly now
And climb down
Right on
Go on run
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