Key Is A Fact That A Cat Brings Testo

Testo Key Is A Fact That A Cat Brings

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
let me see what you need
make your brain breath
like a screen seen in your wheeze
let it go, let it shine

a key in a bean
cats can bring you the facts, cheap
so you buy some tired weeds to get dreams
and your cat escapes

you say,
"heres a pill, get fine!"
i dont want that 'cause i dont trust you at all

can you see what i see
i doubt it, the sights so mean
what that mean?
at least like a ket, let it be, let it die

sheep in a peace
you can lead to beat to heel
you cant get that no way!

let me see what you keep
in your secret cheese rotten!
a Screen seen in your dream
let it down, let it fade

key in a bead
theres no factor you can keep to use
make some poison tea to get free
your cat says, "leave!!"

catch me like a little toy. neat like a wheel
catch me like a little toy. be like a pea
catch me like a little toy, neat like so Mean
catch a bee like a geek,
catch a thief like a leap

you say,
"heres a key, get it right"
i dont want that 'cause i know
its not a key needed
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