Spathic! Testo

Testo Spathic!

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the fuse has set in my brain
slack flashback on a hat rack
that slain insect obtains a cheap pain
so i stick a daisy through his head
he sneezes just a little bit
and i squeeze that socket
in my left pocket
so confused
i cry out my ancient name
its Spathic!

sticky, tricky, creaky, freaky flit
dig it out, pick it out, cut it out
that plain impact contains a free strain
no sign is shown at all
no pilot came back at last
my fuse clicks, i try to hold
in my left side of my brain

its spathic
"its tragic" and i lie again!

so clear false eyes pop out,
i take them for my hat
so bizarre
pure black tears dropped from them
i try to swear, but i dont have a God

Clash! The fuse has set in my brain
Its just a pint of bee-right
its so cheap
but no claim or complaint
then i feed that tiny thing some peas
he coughs just a little bit
i dont have any pills
i wonder "why not?"
too confused
i found out i lost my ancient hands

its spathic
he tells me which side to flit?
hes too tiny and just clicking wings split
wheres my false eyes?
next ones could be mine

watch your head
its heading straight to yo!
spathic flit to the clash!!
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