Spider Snipe Testo

Testo Spider Snipe

I just weave the web
it's a map spell
So I pick a flicker
Break the fact
it's a crap set
So I kick a tricker
Save the name
Chase the plane in your scene
it's fallen in Pieces
Skip the rest
Maybe bad luck
I swing with the wind

I tear my note that I need
but I stump some scars on my hand
like a ZIP code
I hear a song that I hate
So I smash a glass on my hand
with my headphone
Now I feel fine ...

So I weave the web
it's a spell drawn
So I hit a clutter
Craze me not
what a flip shown
I snap you one more time
Slave the bugs
Chase the dog in your house
He'll tease you
Stick the eggs
Ten times now
I see a scape of sand

I rip my book that I loved
but I make some tool on my back
like a Dead Code
I play a song that I love
And I clash my bike in the sky
like I'm spell bound
Now I feel fine ...

Don't you see
There's no place for hideaway
There's no place for hideaway
I just need a place to be
So I weave the web to lie
And I spread traps!

But I know
it's myself to be caught
in my web
Gimme a knife to cut threads off !!
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