Fine, Fine Wine Testo

Testo Fine, Fine Wine

Baby's long and tall, man she's got it all, she's alright Alright Hips have got a sway shakin' it my way, it alright Alright Full-bodied curves, with her legs she serves, oh yeah Oh yeah Lips that say it all, turn and hear her call, oh yeah Oh yeah (Pre-Chorus) Ain't no cheap and nasty liquor dripping down her vine Taste of golden honey, sweet as candy money Bottle it up and make her mine (Chorus) Give me a taste of your fine, fine wine Ruby sticky, sweet as summertime Let me taste you fine, fine wine One more drink gets me feeling alright We're here for the show, let your passion flow, it's O.K. O.K. We ain't gonna stop, so throw away the top, it's O.K. O.K. (Pre-Chorus)(Chorus)(Chorus)

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