Forever Testo

Testo Forever

Thinking back, those long summer days Young and not afraid Did what we wanted to Broke some hearts, didn't think I'd ever start To get tired of the part That's when I pictured you Met a face, already knew so well It was easy to tell That you knew me too Spent our time, laughing all the while I made you lose your smile Now I'm losing you (Pre-Chorus) Is it too late 'Cause just like before I'll be knocking at your door (Chorus) Can't take the pain away from you And there's nothing I can do Until you let me through Without you there's nothing left for me Oh baby can't you see Together we will be, forever Time's have changed, some are good and some are bad The future that we have Can't be all a dream Nights that we would find, when we nearly lost our minds Now could we ever be so blind 'Cause we were meant to be (Pre-Chorus)(Chorus)

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