Tell Me Why Testo

Testo Tell Me Why

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
C'mon tell me what you thinkin' I can see that look in your eyes Baby give me all your reasons Just why you feel we need to say good-bye You're tired of the endless aggravation I tried to give you everything I could You're makin' love to someone who, girl is just a fool for you He doesn't treat you like this lover could I'd swim across the ocean just to hear you call my name You lost that lovin' feelin, and you say I'm to blame Tell me why girl you're saying that we're through I need a lot of lovin' and I want it all from you Tell me why girl you don't feel the same Lost that lovin' feelin', and you say I'm to blame Tell me why You were lookin' for a little conversation Baby I heard every word you said Lovin' me would always be forever What's goin' on inside your pretty head Girl you've got me wrapped around your finger You know there's nothin' that I wouldn't do Take a chance on our romance I want to be the man Spends each night makin' love to you I'd dig a hole to China, to get one kiss from you You say I'm the reason for your passive attitude

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