Til Death Do Us Part Testo

Testo Til Death Do Us Part

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When you look into my eyes Tell me what you see I don't think you even realize The pride inside of me I've walked my walk, talked my talk Lived and died in my songs Temptation cuts so deep It's fires still burn so strong You know I've lived a few mistakes And I stand by them It's me, myself, and I 'Til death do us part If you want to criticize Then you can't believe anything you read What you see is all of me... I've talked the talk and walked the walk Who thought I'd live this long? This life's been hard Like a switchblade, blind fate, suicide And I stand by them It's me, myself, and I 'Til death do us part Sometimes my words may cut too deep And I step on a toe or two Well I'm half dead and barely half alive But I live by the truth 'Til death do us part

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