I Would Change My Life Testo

Testo I Would Change My Life

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(By Robert Earl Keen Jr)

You never liked this place where we'd
Been living all along
So, you packed up your things and
Bought a one-way ticket home
Leaving never hurt as much as
Being left behind

I would change my life
I would make it right
I would change my life
If you would only change your mind

I have spent my hours on some
Misbegotten dream
I have spent my money on some
Foolish hearted things
I have spent my memories on old
Embittered wine


I wish that I could find the words
To make you come back home
I wish that I could say the things you
Needed for so long
I wish that you could see me
Now... maybe then you'd find

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