Bride Of The Monster (Ed Wood) Testo

Testo Bride Of The Monster (Ed Wood)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
As you can see
The town is seeming a bit empty
Can't figure it out
Where 12 have gone in these three months

Pretty poor Miss Lawton
Snooping the swamp for a look around
And Officer Kelton
Hmmm was he ever found

And so I ask you now
Do you believe in a monster

Bride of the monster
Dr. Varnoff ought to get a life
Ed Wood's desire
We always laughed although it's not what's tried
Bride of the atom
Some more Atomic Supermen they need
Bride of the monster
You are tired very tired

As you can tell
Professor Strowski seems a bit, well
Can't figure it out
But he seemed to know what Lake Marsh is about

Poor Mr. Strowski
Attacked by a rubber thingie
The swamp flames up
Willow Place is going down

And so I ask you now
Do you believe in a monster

Bride of the monster
That's when Janet caught Lobo's eye
Professor Strowski
I think you'll be another homicide
Dr. Varnoff
Believe or not he needs some lovin' too
Bride of the monster
You are tired, very very tired

That was always where Varnoff wanted to be
He just wants to be
Understand that's what mattered
The thing a monster needs

Bride of the monster
What a kooky kooky kind of guy
Willow type-Manor
What nasty weather comes most every night
A happy trigger
Oh our Lobo's in a lot of pain
Ed Wood's desire
He tampered in God's domain
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