Nothing But Silence Remix Testo

Testo Nothing But Silence Remix

I fell in love again
Or at least I think I did
Whenever we are together
I just feel so better but
Why can't I just talk to you

I see the truth
You really don't care that much about me
And even if you did
Can't get you get your act together

So I won't feel so stupid when
You've only called once in two months

There is nothing but silence
That's all that we share between us
And if there's more here than silence
You could have fooled me

I see you wear, all tired and burned out
Why are you like this when you're with me
My friends all tell me I can do better
And I am sure you are it

Please stop lying
We were friends for too long
Tell truth through actions, not words

All my frustration
Gives me a temptation to
End it all and say we're through

There is nothing
That's all that we share
And if there's more here
You fooled me
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