Out Of Me Testo

Testo Out Of Me

You can take pity on me
I assure you I'll use it to my advantage
No one can undo what I'm developing
Thoughts run wild through me

I wish they'd stop consuming
No one's listening

I can't stand the way that you criticize me
You say it isn't but it sounds like it is
We've been through this a million times before
It's all about me, not you now

It's not fair, I suffer your wrongings
How can I, escape without dying
Move them out of me, out of me

My ego, is on a downward ladder
My boyfriend's, become my number one hater
Am I expected to live, much longer

You shove me like it's an old habit
You think I don't know but I do so there
I need someone else to talk to
The people inside me don't listen well

They'll come out of me, to take my body
Stay away, I'm afraid I'll hurt you
Not today, no not today

Hi, um, I have something to tell you

There's no way I'll meet you tonight at twelve
I'm sorry cutie, there's nothing I can do
But if you want my advice
I hear that the person you meet up with down the street
treats you quite nice

The sweetness inside me is sorta retreating
Wake into reality or I'll give you a beating
Just stop asking me what's wrong
There's nothing wrong
I'm fine
I'm just perfectly, perfectly fine
Fine fine

Fashion statements, you make are annoying
I'll live off fake love, I'll die broken hearted
Get that out of me, out of me

I'm going crazy it does show
but why
Everyone's backing away
Backing away now
Am I that out of me
Am I
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