A Brief Reflection Testo

Testo A Brief Reflection

[Verse 1]
This goes out to you working to make ends meet
And this goes out to you working in your office suite
This goes out for you who fear there is no hope
May my passion inspire, so please listen in close
This is for my people struggling with education
And this is for my people excelling past expectations
The story is simple as our life pages turn
From our journey of passion may your conscience mind learn
[Te Awanui:]
Untarnished flames step alongside us
On our journey
Teaching beam through our rhymes
Humble remains oh the spirit that guides the
Concisenses in our lives

[Te Awanui:]
A brief reflection
Listen in right here
Of my dreams
Teleport to another time
Courage enhanced
Together we're stepping forth no one can hold us back
Through where I've been
We are C O C O nuts from da city

[Verse 2]
This goes out to you who said we wouldn't make it
This goes out to those who said we wouldn't make the cut
I've seen my share of people spreading gypsy myths
Crossed paths with people dodgier stiffer than 50 pricks
But still there's never been an obsticle unecessary
Looking back the reflections that ish was legendary
Donald, Fred and Chelease back in 96'
Chapter 1 of my Genesis
Yo Chapter 2
Now that's a different story it was me leki
Singing hooks self explanatory
Blossomed to merge and DIRECT HARMONY
It was about time we met the Fa'atasi Family
Went on to rock talent quest, numerous shows
Last minute rugged cuts haha sabre let 'em know
Hysterical productions looking back that's history
Dispite the horrors of flat moments friendship remained the key
Now around 98' Arch Dynasty formed
Chapter 3, D.H and Fa'atasi joined force
Pasifika festivals, Grey Lynn community
Laying the foundation for this Nesian Mooli
Chapter 4 into the final thought
Reminiscing back on lessons experience, once taught
Continuly proceed by any means see fit
This has been a brief reflection of how I lived


[Verse 3]
Allow me to take you back to where it all began
Listening to street poets black performing with my dad
Yo introduced to MCing by my cousin Scribe
Way before him and P-Money's thoughts synchronised
Along with trax and N.A.T formed the Fa'atasi family
Representing afakasi's C.O.C.O.N.U.T'S
Unveiled hiphop in depthly and what it meant to me
Completed the evolution becoming an MC
The art form called, open doors by love of people
Doing gigs nobody else ever will concede to
Bust Acoustic stylistics with J.P like meditating
Develop my style and content for navigating
Through this shady industry which comes with no surprise
At this time D.L.T truly opened up my eyes
He said they'll try to change you, but don't let this phase you
They can't contain the truth, simply remain you
So with knowledge in my pocket
And a fist full of rhymes
Progression was constant
Lyrics slowly refined
While the ignorant critized, stepping on hollow ground
Uplifting belief of family encouraged my inner sound
The spirit guided me through turbulent monsoons
A.K.A the non believers with negative attitudes
May the music empower strengthening within your mental
Unexpected was the rise of these kats from city central


[Verse 4]
Living the coconut life and dancing with the family
A.E.C.G be the group and AITUTAKI be my roots
I remember back in intermediate playing st pauls
Basketball 25 on 5 yo what's the score
Forget about it no one gonna care about it
Same hood CENTRAL society yo we like to party
WESTERN SPRINGS was my lily pad to get across the pond
To prepare for these rivers and these years to come
And introduced me to my brothers and Advanced to
TROPICAL PENGUINS but on that topic I'll not mention
1 year concentration
The time had arrived power to techniques
Backing tracks acoustic gats 4 mics
Classroom schedule practises to share mind and arise
The 4 mics now turn to 5 and SABRE
Promoted from lyricist advisor to the monitors
City coconut behaviour as NESIAN MYSTIK stands strong
Cause everybody knows IT'S ON
I like to send aknowledgement to all those who set this foundation
For AOTEAROA music to build with self composition
Crossing streets down in BAY
Running GREY/PONSONBY as home base
A brief reflection of my days

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