N.Z.H.I.P.H.O.P. Testo

Testo N.Z.H.I.P.H.O.P.

[Chorus: Te Awanui and Donald]
Graft b-boys, DJ's and MC's
Represent to the fullest only the strongest can survive
Aotearoa commence to penetrate

[Verse 1: Junior]
You're looking strange at me
Because no one has told ya
That us polynesians be keeping it undercover
Self profile, we are coconuts from the city
Change songs to hits
You ready for this
You spend your life being a lyrical theive
Initialise realise with verbal artillery
With systematicaly flows that control the shows
Fresh dialects with this technique unknown
With this semi automic machine gat
With endless melodic ammunition
Yo assume the position
As you reach for the skies, wave hands side to side
New Zealand hiphop with the hint of Nesian Style
Represent your side cause everybody knows it's a must
This Nesian style mooli is the style we bust
As we lay this track to ashes like dust to dust
Unique style is untouched


[Verse 2]
Microphone checker
Attention here's an announcement
If you ain't down with NZ hiphop you better bounce
This is the final boarding call Aotearoa bout to take off
This ain't Con Air like Nicolas Cage so take your face off
I call for quality control but we're not 5 from jurrassic
The aftermath has passed with emcees who stand fast
Can you last the last mile of madness
As we drop bombs over wack kats
Obscure delligence of raw venemous deliverance
Analysist and lycrisist take refudge and just listen in
Death by own admission ain't accountable for those who listen
Or those who can envision the picture that I spit for all
BBoys, Turntablists, Emcees, Beatboxers, and Aerosol artists
See you best believe N.Z.H.I.P.H.O.P HARD
Aotearoa status Kaupapa driven not dirty pop


[Verse 3: Feleti]
A coat of armour built upon MC is what I adorn
Entrenched in the defence of hiphop's modern war of dot com
Verbal canters and hollow throat venom spit'n' mc's
Striking like phantom menace in the dungeon of no release
Ignorant provokers of imitators and mimickers
Just sparking drama scattering negative images in my villajahs
As an MC my passion burns deep
In comparison your flame flickers or merely melts from my heat
All the real heads keeping them true links roots down
Stabilise orators remain on level ground
My verbal stance echo's no others cause I create composition
Relevant to the south pacific edition
To many MC's with the battle mic complex
This is where I drop sciences
On how hiphop is more than hollow threats
Spirits of good intention emanate through dark enclosure
We manoeuvre to revolt against industry taking over


Pacific oblique, technique souther atmosphere
Penetrating to the mind, devasting to the ear [x2]

N Z H I P H O P graff b boys DJ's MC's
N Z H I P H O P graff b boys DJ's MC's

Penetrate Penetrate

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