Comfort Testo

Testo Comfort

Dreams, the sky and the sun
I'm ready to go
No reasons to stay
Everything's going wrong,
so I'm leaving home.
There's more than this rain!

I'm sure you want me for another night, but I can't see the reason

Cause I want,
I wanna feel it over me
The comfort that you never gave
and after all I'm not so wrong
I'm starting just another game
something that we'll never miss
let me go and i won't fall
i won't fall

We're running out of control
The rain becomes snow
We both need a break
For all those things we could do
I feel like a fool
We're wasting our days
We could spend another night togheter, but I can't see the reason

Don't make it any harder now
You're wasting and killing time oooh
When you're staring at my eyes you should get closer,
These feeling are dead
Dead and gone now.

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