Eyes Of Blood Testo

Testo Eyes Of Blood

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
In a land so dark and cruel, centuries ago
Figures in black feed themselves with blood
A major castle shining in moonlight in shadows
Shall I proceed? Shall I go on?

The travel to become what I became
On the dominion I was searching by night
It was something I had in mind
Closer and closer deprived of light

In the sky I saw an omen of death
Trees were waving me in the wind stay left
Guidance to the castle of fear
Faceless eyes of blood, drawing near

Mighty shadows rise
Sharpened fangs disguised
Entering my veins
Warm flow of blood
Death as human, reborn as a beast

Reborn in...Transylvania...

Dying body
Seeing statues
Hunger growing
Quest for blood

For centuries I have roamed the night
Life as an undead shunning the lights
Slaughtering the creatures of God
As they see my eyes of blood
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