Through Dark And Light I Dwell Testo

Testo Through Dark And Light I Dwell

Unpleasant signs I have made
I drugged myself with alcohol
Cut myself with a razorblade
A pitty there is no live phonecall
(to order) a trip to hell already made
Keep going, every step I fall
Hallucinate, seeing shades
Oh help me up, to face the truth

Please, oh please don't let me live
I can't stand this all
Oh Lord, oh Lord, please send me back
To the very depths of hell
I'm seeing things that you can't see
I cannot stand the heat I feel
The burning pain inside me is real
Through dark and light I dwell

Through dark and light I dwell
I feel my life going down the drain
Through light and dark I dwell
I feel the end of my life drawing near
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