Inquisition Of The Holy Testo

Testo Inquisition Of The Holy

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Holy man, believer in Christ
To follow him is the purpose in his life
The new doctrine has accepted there's no God
Opposition, completely swept away
Believers, a menace to society
Must be, estinguished to the root
Inquisition, of all that is holy
A new age has begun today

All that is holy hunted yet another day
Christianity is no more, the lies have gone away
All deceiving priests burnt at the stake
Remainder of the flock is starting to awake
Searching the houses of believers
To prove their believe in God
The presence of only a crucifix
Results in having them shot

Let us burn them on a stake
Let us throw them in a lake
If this god is not a lie
He will prevent for them to die

Who died in pain, died not in vain
At least we will know, no god will show

Inquisition of the holy...

Holy man, believer in Christ
To follow him is the purpose in his life
Conceilling the true believers
His safety hoping to achieve
Torture will get the truth out of him
Cleaning the Earth of all this filth
Inquisition of the holy
A new age has begun today
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