Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything Testo

Testo Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
And it's times like these
I confide in sleep
I'm in a forest of knowledge
Without an apple to eat
And we're a yellow brick road away
From a selfless acquaintance
A marriage of faith
So toss all the colors to the floor
For the aesthetic hand, I shan't afford

But the world wasn't built in a day

God or the graphs,
Where everything is solved and makes sense.
But I don't want to know the end.
God or the graphs,
Where everything is solved and makes sense.
As I pray before this epitaph

Am I losing focus?
I have a minute to tell you all the cruel and immoral
Things I have done.
And I bet its wrong to be confused.
On how there are sinners telling saints what to do.
So pull that ivy from the walls
Let it poison
Poison, poison you.
Sin sing
Your heart out.
As black as it is.

Sleep now or forever rest in peace
I have friends who are saints.
I pray now and then
But to a god in my head
A god who exists.
I take risks
And I kiss
The lips of stranger
Because she looks good tonight
And I'm oh so unable to drive
God its good to be alive
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