I'm A Giant Testo

Testo I'm A Giant

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
See, I'm a giant
I'm the must in the air
Don't know who I am
And I haven't been there

Nerves in the vestments
Clothe the boxed brains of a comedy
Or tragedy
Drama holds her name
As my tides follow their order
Proving mines always explode
Not all sharks are in the water.
Not all sharks can swim. Oh

So tell me it's not okay to put my feet in
Sink or swim babe
Sink or be eaten alive

I am atmosphere
I am the pill you take in the morning
Washed away
By your caffeinated break
From the rest your body needs
I let my body feed off of
The poor, sick, and lonely
Little ones.

I watch your oceanic eyes
All the time.
Bite the bait
Bite the bait
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