A Fracture, A Fallout Testo

Testo A Fracture, A Fallout

Cast out, hanging in the gallows of your regret.
Hollow out my eyes,
Let us move to the sound of an unheard cry.

So if I scream, if I shout, will you hear me now?
If I turn this body inside out,
you can listen to the sound it makes without the heart you stole from me.
Give back what doesn't belong to you.
Give it back.

Don't you know we tried?
Don't you know we tried?
Forgive me for falling
Don't tell me you're sorry
Don't tell me you're sorry.
So if I scream, if I shout, will you hear me now?
If I could turn this world upside down,
I would pour all the memories out of you and me and finally breathe.

Your guilt is pulling me down
This burden is making us blind.

I'll be alright.
Cuz I won't let myself be dead like I feel inside,
I won't let you break me,
I won't let it take me away like a child turns his back on the tides.

I'll be alright, I swear.
I'll be all I need is this,
And I promise that I'll be alright.
And I can grow to love the lie,
I'll learn to smile inside.
I will stop dreaming of you eyes,
But I can hate it all till then.
I will hate it all till then.
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