Hope In The Wrong Hands (Mothership) Testo

Testo Hope In The Wrong Hands (Mothership)

I believe we'll let it all fall apart.
What have I done? (What have I done?)
To know how the end will come
I won't let go (I won't let go)
To the trust built in our convictions

It came and went so fast
Done and done
We don't know how to love

What am I looking for?
We are so lost
We are so lost

Have we become so numb we can't feel our own hearts beat?
I don't trust in us, we don't know how to love.
I believe we'll let it all fall apart.

I was king but only for a moment
I watched my dreams collapse
We came here to love
We came here to grow
Never to fall
When you have only let me down
I shouldn't have let you in
I'm only searching for the answers

All these questions don't have answers,
No road seems to lead home.
Are we lost at sea?
Now it seems it's every man for himself,
I never knew how ugly this world could be.

I want to watch you burn alive
Where is your dignity?
You'll never have me
It's true we were meant to die
Is this what you wanted to hear?

You gave up the only thing you have left.

And when you go, don't forget to close the door behind you.
And when you go, don't' forget the walls of fire we walked through.
The words you said cut to a part of me that I never even knew was there.
The words you said captured, so beautifully, this nightmare.

So tell me I'm wrong, tell me I'll never find someone who can please me.
And tell me I'm not the person you had in mind when you gave me your heart,
Oh tell me I'm wrong, tell me I'll never find what I am looking for.
And tell me again until my ears bleed, before I shut the door.

I'm not coming back.
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