Constellations Testo

Testo Constellations

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Did you get the message? The letter I sent
This conversation has made me sick again
All I need is out of reach
So help me piece this together
If this goes wrong then I'll be gone
'Cause I can't do this forever
Would you be the one to lay me down tonight?
Far below our feet
I never meant to make you cry
Was it something I said?
You call from the distance and look up to the sky
These constellations never seemed so bright
But day will come it won't be long
It will be different tomorrow
The stars will fade and this display
Of lights will be hard to follow
I gave away everything there's no use
Every beginning leads to an end
I made the same mistake as I always do
Turned something into nothing
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