Enemies Testo

Testo Enemies

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Lying against the median as cars go by
That familiar voice is calling again somewhere inside
I'll save you
Found a pill to take so take my life
Found a way to leave the rest behind
I'll be the enemy, I'm everything you hate
I'll be the one you need, Your fix before you break
And when you get the strength just tie me down
And blind me now
I'll give it all away
Take that trip and wait for it to disappear
You brace your lips to meet the kiss cold insincere
And I've failed you
All the things I said to you were lies
I've been looking for a place to hide
These holes we dig
Keep getting deeper as time goes by
And I think our bodies might fit
Helpless victims of our own design
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