Pictures Last Longer Testo

Testo Pictures Last Longer

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Lost in a world found in a place
moving too fast to see your grace
I've got the mallet and here's the spike
help me now drive it as deep as you like
It breaks me up inside but helps to remind me
just exactly what it feels like
Trapped in a world running this race
can't tell if I'm moving or staying in place
Maybe another time another day I'll see you again
I've see another sign that this will fade
All things come to an end
Standing alone but standing beside thoughts
that are shouting too
Watching the world a distant gaze
can't tell if it's moving or staying in place
Sorry for wasting all your time
still won't forget what's left behind
Sometimes I wonder where you are
and some things I'd like to disregard
Sorry for wasting all your time
I can't be everything you'd like
Sometimes I wonder where you are
how did we get so far apart
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