Nation Of Incomplete Testo

Testo Nation Of Incomplete

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Prosperity of your business
How ready is your conscience to dismiss
The reality that comes along?
Once you start to dig, you'll be scared
It won't take too long
All this built for business and not for the people
You are preparing to fall
Down on your knees for the people who
Want it all instead of breaking down the walls

Tale of treachery, hate and tragedy
And a little grain of truth
Just remember it's eye for an eye
And tooth for a tooth

All about growth and expansion
Securing all the funds for the nation
The competition is intensified
There's no supply because of sanctions
The result of your actions
Is visible to me and it's easy to see
Dead bodies, blood on the street
All in the name of incomplete
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