Saving Grace Testo

Testo Saving Grace

You'll see that if I try, I'm gonna be fast and I'm gonna be sly
You say things should go your way, wishing on a rock or a stone that you throw away
Push, Push, until you cry
Try to be the best you can until you die
We're wishing our whole lives just to find out who you are
Don't you say, 'You're better off without me!'
This another place for a saving grace
Could you take me back?
This another world, all my dreams unfurled
Could you take me back?
Let's see you come my way
We keep on dreaming and we'll never get home today
And if I'm a lonely man I try to keep on looking or the best I can
Push, Push until I fall
I wasn't really good, never good at all
See that time when you go
When everybody knows that you're on your way home
What a disgrace that you made
Don't say goodbye
Please don't say goodbye
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